John Deere 6810 forager and Kemper 4500 1:1
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Uploaded by: bjorny

A nice John deere 6810 forager best ever made in my opinion it has:

IC control for pipe beacons and to activate the cutter
AO texture
Lightscript v 3.1
ES limiter
Hectar counter
Operating Hours
Realistic Indoor camera
And a verry good sound
Scale 1:1

The kemper is a reskin of the kemper 4500
its made in the john deere collors and rescaled to 1:1

John Deere 6810:

Modell Bjorny
AO Bjorny
Sound Bjorny
1:1 Bjorny


Modell Lordtex
Skin Bjorny
1:1 Bjorny


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