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For Farming Simulator 2011
Map no animals (cows).Production of alcohol: beer, wine, plumsBrandy
The map contains the following crops: barley, wheat grass, apples, pears, plums, green grapes, blue grapes

and hops.
apples, pears, plums:needsSeeding=false
green grapes, blue grapes : allowsSeeding=true
Map includes the following modes:
Brewery-input: hops and barley. Output: Radegast (beer)
Composting: Input-barley straw, wheat straw and grass. Output-manure.
Distillery: Input-apples, pears, plums. Output-plum.
Agrofert: sale and purchase of crops.
Winery: Input-green grapes, purple grapes. Output-wine
Garden center: sales of manure and fertilizer.
Apiaries. Input sugar (buy at Agrofert). Output honey.
Mill: Input-barley, wheat. Output-flour.
Kaufaland-buys: flour, honey, beer, wine, plumsBrandy.
Pub-buys: beer, wine, plumsBrandy.
Refinery: Input-rape (buy Agrofert) Output - diesel.
Waterworks: Input-diesel, Output-water (watering trees in the orchard)
machines required packed
Purchase-buys crops.
Description in PDF


Map and building - Koudelka
Production mod- Defender

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This mod has not been tested by the FS-UK team. Please use caution when installing and using this mod. We cannot be responsible for any bugs found in this mod or any problems this mod may cause to your game.


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