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 on: Today at 04:10:13 am 
Started by lancyboi - Last post by bloke
Well done so far. Great work. Keep it up  !!

 on: Today at 03:19:40 am 
Started by Massey850 - Last post by AmericanOliverFarmer
Wow talk about busy I come back two days later and their are two new pages and I found out you are working on 6+ mods at once!

 on: Today at 03:07:39 am 
Started by hoy head - Last post by ccs101
I have found that in chart/map view on FSX not a single one of the airports, regardless of where, show up. I usually use the chart to find out the ILS frequencies for the airport I intend to land at by clicking on the airport whilst looking at it on the chart.
I recently tried to land at, what was listed on the FSX list as Birmingham (UK) airport, but as the airport, like ALL others in the game, didn't show up on the chart I looked up the relevant ILS frequencies online (frequency listed on whichever site I found it being listed as 110.1 for both of only 2 ILS runways listed), however I believe I must have got the frequency for another airport as, whilst roughly lined up on the right runway at the airport I wanted to land at, I engaged the Approach hold on the autopilot and the plane swung round in completely different direction.
I also noticed two airports right next to each other, this including the one I was trying to land at, and several others in the vicinity.
Is the lack of airports in chart view a bug, and if so, is their any kind of bugfix in existence?
I am guessing you are referring to the Flight Analysis screen which you can get to in flight by hitting the esc key?  If so, there are a series of square tabs along the top, if their color is red, then that option is not selected, to view airports, the first tab should be green, showing that it is selected... Smiley

 on: Today at 01:02:44 am 
Started by banditbooker - Last post by banditbooker
Thanks, I'll give it a go. I actually found an older tutorial of yours, but this ones different. "fingers crossed". I'll let you know how I make out!

UPDATE! Worked like a charm. Much appreciation! Thanks for your help on this and every other crisis you help me with. lol Still got some fine tuning to do, but it's coming along. Your tutorial didn't take long at all, I just had to redo the whole xml with all the changes I did.

 on: Today at 12:58:10 am 
Started by banditbooker - Last post by Tycoonspaceman

Take a look at that tutorial if it still does not work send me your trailer and I will take a look and explain how to fix it.

 on: Today at 12:51:10 am 
Started by hoy head - Last post by hoy head
Yes I'll check them out. I'm not just overly fussed on price range, though that depends on what's fully on offer.

I'm not really into the whole checklist and full procedures side of things, though I do prefer to start a flight at the gates and use ATC.

I bought the Virtualcol SAAB 340/2000 package. think it was around £16 or there abouts. It's not as good visually as I would have liked, especially the virtual cockpit, and I suspect the planes flight dynamics/characteristics could done with fine tuning as well, but it does the job. My main reason for purchasing it being that the bulk of flights to and from my nearest (remotely) major airport is served primarily by Flybe (on behalf of Loganair) SAAB 340s.

 on: Today at 12:43:19 am 
Started by lancyboi - Last post by lancyboi
Started on the lanes now... ill start doing fields half way into the map once the lanes etc start taking shape then the fields will take shape.


 on: Today at 12:39:16 am 
Started by banditbooker - Last post by banditbooker
So, I'm trying to add the color change option to my edit of the fliegl timber runner and I can't seem to get it to work. I can get it to work on other equipment, just not the timber runner. I painted everything white in the and attached it to the fliegl_vis in the i3d and changed the shader drop down to colormask. I also attached the corresponding, unedited normals and specular files. When changing to colormask, the model does NOT turn yellow like my other succesful attempts. Is there something I'm missing? I'd be glad to upload the xml's if needed. Thak you!

 on: Today at 12:38:14 am 
Started by Jboard - Last post by akuenzi
I cannot seem to get beef to load on the map. I do have errors in the log txt.
Any help will be appreciated thank you.

The errors are:
Error: Can't load resource '/Users/Admin/Library/Containers/com.focus-home.farmingsim2015/Data/Library/Application Support/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//FS15_RedRiverValley/map/mastHud/'.
Error: Can't load resource '/Users/Admin/Library/Containers/com.focus-home.farmingsim2015/Data/Library/Application Support/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//FS15_RedRiverValley/map/mastHud/'.
Error: Can't load resource '/Users/Admin/Library/Containers/com.focus-home.farmingsim2015/Data/Library/Application Support/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//FS15_RedRiverValley/map/mastHud/'.

Hi Jboard,

I've never played on this map, but just downloaded it to give it a try... and it's kicking a lot more errors than just the ones you're showing.  It's ultimately a question best asked of the modder himself, which I think is RANDOMsparks.  I downloaded my version from his facebook page here.  I did a search on there for Red River Valley and came up with this.  There are a lot of posts on this particular map, and hopefully in one of them he has some information as to what mods are needed to make this particular map run... which would probably make a few of the errors I'm seeing go away.

I could be mistaken, but I don't think the errors you're showing would prevent the beef system from working in-game.  Are there any other errors in your log?  It might be helpful to post your entire log, as there might be something else that is preventing it from working.  Basically a 'resource' error means that the mod can't find something, a few huds in this case.  When it can't find something, the game engine usually just keeps going if it can... without the missing resources.  If you're missing enough of them, I suppose it would eventually break completely.

This is definitely a unique map, though.  I was surprised to see how much space the map author dedicated to a cattle feedlot:

 on: Today at 12:31:55 am 
Started by banditbooker - Last post by banditbooker
Thanks Nord, I did figure that out, problem is theres other parts on the truck that I need the hydraulic sounds for so if I do that, then my crane arm sounds funny. lol There isn't a way to designate a sound per index is there by chance. Lke something I can put in the XML?

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