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Old Family Farm

In Maps for Farming Simulator 2011

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Added: Jun 22, 2012, 5:39 am

Uploaded by: rwy22sp


Welcome to the old family farm, This is a small map based on what an American farm might of been like in the old days. There are 2 small farms on this map. You will find all you need is at the farms. The seed and fertilizer are at both farms. Both farms have silos and grain augers with the multi silo trigger. There are 5 sell points on the map, 1 at the dairy were you sell your milk, 2 at the railroad spur line in town, there is also a Saloon in town that makes there own refreshments so he needs corn, barley, and wheat. The main sell point is Bay Hay and Feed they take everything but milk, there you will also find the store to buy new tractors and implements. The bale sell point is behind the hay and feed. All fields are small in size.. I have tried to make it as detailed as I could and keep lag down.. I have tested this map on single player as well as Multiplayer. I hope you enjoy the map. If I left anybody out of the credits, please let me know and I will gladly add you.. Thanks. **********************Please do not change the download link, upload it anywhere else unless you have permission, Thanks.***************************** Features: labeled PDA map Crops include, The standard plus, Cotton, Green wheat, Potato, soybeans, sugar beets, and sunflower. Milk mod, you can haul your own milk from the meadow to the dairy. (Requires truck or trailer that can hold milk.) Or let it auto sell at midnight. Fully multiplayer tested... Longer grow rates, rates depends on difficulty settings. I3d file size 40.93mb error free log. includes all mods required to run map.


Map by rwy22sp Start Map by, PALAJOS, dodo27 and gnom Multisilo script by, Defender Milk Mod by, Acert 6BarGateANIMATED, by FMC - Freelance Modding Crew Flags V2 by Model and texture: Giants Texture edit: Dad0 Beta testers. modelbuilder47,rwy22sp. Wooden Signs by: Thunderace garage-pack-2 by: dodo27 Wooden bridge building kit: mutt Maison03: duarn Buildings by griffy House in Construction by FSGAXI Aussie Grain Auger by Rustydog 10 different hedge by spider100 and johan12 Liquid Manure Pit by Albert Wesker Fuel pump by VolvoT22 Railroad (pack) by ar1g3, IDW General Barn by DocOz FARM HOUSE by dodo27 Giants

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