John Deere 1760 24-Row Planter
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Added: Jul 17, 2012, 5:12 am

Uploaded by: SndGrdn

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This is Knagsteds John Deere 1760 planter that JamesBrandt edited into a 24 row John Deere planter.

What I\'ve done:
-- Fixed offset planting issue
-- Re-added the Fertilizer tanks plus added 2 tanks to each extension
-- Fixed folding rotation so new tanks won\'t hit each other
-- Fixed rotation point when raising/lowering planter
-- Fixed animation of support stand
-- Added hitch assembly
-- Converted all textures to dds format.

Current fruitTypes:
corn, maize, maizev2, soybean, soybeanv2, sunflower


v1 - Original Model: Knagsted
v2 - Edited into a 24 row planter: JamesBrandt
v3 - SndGrdn Edit

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