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Added: Dec 6, 2012, 9:44 pm

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[IMG][/IMG] [b]NI Modding Map Objects Pack[/b] [i]This pack contains a selection of farm buildings, gates, fences, walls, and dwelling houses suitable for map makers.[/i] [b]Objects included[/b] - Machinery sheds - Silage pits - Cattle sheds - Various gates - Various walls and fences - Various town houses and single dwellings - Filling station There are a selection of alternative textures for the farm buildings included. Please make use of these and feel free to create your own textures to make your map [u]unique[/u]. [color=red]Note: There are no triggers associated with any of the objects- e.g. silage plane, fuel trigger etc. Modders are free to add their own triggers[/color] [b]Other info[/b] You are welcome to use this pack in your map. Please add "NI Modding" to your credits if and when you upload it to the internet. If you are unsure on how to add these objects to your map, you may find the Giants modding tutorials very useful - see Any questions or doubts, contact us at KEEP ORIGINAL LINK DO NOT UPLOAD TO OTHER WEBSITES Original beibehalten Link Nicht zu anderen Websites hochladen Zachowaj oryginalny link! Zakaz uploadu na inne serwery! Tartsa meg az eredeti lin


By NI Modding alwyn, henly20, rh Follow us on Twitter @ni_modding

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