{MP READY}MKAT-40 (kraz-250) crane
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{MP READY}MKAT-40 (kraz-250) crane

old crane keys lift boom numpad up down
7.4 extend numpad 8.5
hook up down keypad 8.9
rotate key pad 1.3

Towing/lifting chain
You can pull vehicles out with this chain.

It is really realistic because it is on the ground when you buy it instead of floating in the air.

It also moves when you pull it tight.

And yes it is mp ready

I have added Extra weight mod and some suport feet.
Please watch my tut video to lear how to hook everything up so it all will work corectly.

This mod will work with bulk handling pack on LS-UK.


Model: GTA
Autor: Avalon Style Entertainment
R.U.S.L.@.N, V1RU$, Kinbolon, BrUISeR, PrAIZeR
Denis_WRC, Kolyan, Gus-Corleone
Konvert: vik
Edit & in LS-11: vik/mont

Towing chain


Extra weight mod
Borders Basher


Not Tested ?
This mod has not been tested by the FS-UK team. Please use caution when installing and using this mod. We cannot be responsible for any bugs found in this mod or any problems this mod may cause to your game.


Download this pack directly from FS-UK.com. This package contains 3 mods and will need to be extracted into your mods folder.

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