cat pack
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this is a cat pack
this pack incures

cat lexion 480R combine
key NUMPAD start engine
key V lift header/lower header
key G turn on/off
key B fold up pipe/fold in pipe
key H hire worker
key 7 becon

cat cutter 9200
cat corn cutter 9200
reco ring for combine

cat excavator
key 0 menu
key 7 becon
keys num +/- RPM
cat bucket for excavator

cat fore MT powerlift loader
key 7 becon
keys +/- RPM
to work the loader the keys are on the numpad
reco hook for front loader
ZR bale tool

cat W loader
key 0 menu
keys numpad +/- RPM
loader keys are on numpad
cat loader bucket
cat loader shied

trailer to put tools in

John Deere 6930


Not Tested ?
This mod has not been tested by the FS-UK team. Please use caution when installing and using this mod. We cannot be responsible for any bugs found in this mod or any problems this mod may cause to your game.


Download this pack directly from This package contains 14 mods and will need to be extracted into your mods folder.

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