Central Kansas V2
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Here is the New and Improved Central Kansas, with so much more detail, but still under 100 MB. Works great for both singleplayer and multiplayer.

-Has transporting and mowing missions (cannot edit the details for the missions because they are incorporated in the core game files)
-Cow zone and sheep zone moved close to farm.
- Default sell points, but moved around for convinience
-Pick up wool by the sheep pasture and sell at the spinnery
-Sell your eggs on the back side of the Farm Store
-A working Milktruck has been added to sell your milk. (he may still wiggle left and right occasionaly, but it has been improved alot since Beta testing.)
-No special mods needed, this map uses all default equipment, and any mod you want to add
-Includes a working PDA with correct PDA icons
-The nice mountain scenery has been kept on the north side of the map
-Added a new shed with fuel, seed, and fertilizer triggers by it on the South West of the map.
-Improved the hills (no more skips when you hire a worker to seed.)
-Still plenty of space for you to add any placeable building you want (solar panels, greenhouses, windmills, etc...)
-You will find while playing that a lot of running around between places has been kept to a minimum
-Added mowable grass any where there is green on the map.
-Also there is a nice big shed between the cow and sheep pastures for you to store your bales.
-All 35 fields have been cultivated, so all you have to do is start sowing after you buy them. You start off with 2 fields, field 8 and 11. Field 8 has been sown to Wheat and field 11 has been sown to Canola, so you can get right into the game harvesting. The rest of the fields you will need to buy.
-More realistic prices and sizes of the fields
-This map is perfect for the bigger machinery. Like the Case IH Quadtrack! You will enjoy using two combines on one field!

Thank you everybody for your support. You have driven me to create this wonderful map, and i cant wait to get on multiplayer with all of you.

You have my permission to edit my map for your own personal use. If you would like to upload on a different site, please keep the same name and let me know who you are and where you are uploading the map to. Thank you all for your patience.

V 2.1
-Fixed sheep freezeing at feed trough
-Deleted some Hedges by the silos at the main farm. (For courseplay purposes.)
-Added some entrances to the cow and sheep pastures for mowing
-Added Fertilizer, Seed and Fuel to the East of the Dairy area.
-Smoothed up the fields to minimize/eliminate the skipping while sowing

With this version you should NOT have to create a new savegame. All the edits i have made, shouldn't interefere with your old savegame. You just replace Central Kansas V2 with Central Kansas V 2.1

MAP : Farmeryip starter map (Thank you!)
Hedges : Johan12
Testers : Guyke,great map testing, hard work and suggestions in the map.
Micmyfarm, great map tester!
Reaper214, A great map tester and helped me fix a few things I couldn't quite figure out. (also for the polebarn).
Disturbed742, Great map testing, many, many, many suggestions. :)

Thank you guys for helping me once again through this project.


Gold Standard ?
This mod is Gold standard. It has been tested by the FS-UK team, and it has passed our strictest tests. It's highly unlikely that this mod will have any problems, but if you do discover a problem we urge you to post the details in the Support Topic so we can re-test the mod.
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Download this mod directly from FS-UK.com. Place the .ZIP file in your mods folder to play.

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