PJ Trailers 40' Gooseneck Flatbed with Ramps
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Uploaded by: BigCountry

Here is the Fixed PJ Trailers 40' low pro flatbed goose neck trailer. Attaches to pickups and semi's with the type "semitrailer" attacher joint. This trailer can be used for the transportation of equipment, vehicles, implements and hay/straw bales with the lockdown script. It is manual load only. Ramps are fold-able.

This mod has no UV errors or log errors. If you get errors it is because of a conflict with another mod.

If you save the game with bales or equipment on the trailer they will be locked down the next time you start the game and must be unlocked.


Fold Ramps: Key X
Lock/Unlock Load Key O
Strobe Lights Key Home
Turn Signals Keypad 1,2,3

PLEASE Do not upload this mod to any other sites, I can handle that myself. You may edit this mod for your personal use. You may use parts and scripts from this mod as long as proper credits are given.

BigCountry: Ingame, Scripting, Model, Texture
Looseterror: Jackstand script, Testing, Help with model & scripts, Wheels
Twisted GA: Jackstand script
Attacher script: Geri-G, Peter J
Light script: Sven777b
Model Conversion: MokoAaron


Gold Standard ?
This mod is Gold standard. It has been tested by the FS-UK team, and it has passed our strictest tests. It's highly unlikely that this mod will have any problems, but if you do discover a problem we urge you to post the details in the Support Topic so we can re-test the mod.
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Download this mod directly from FS-UK.com. Place the .ZIP file in your mods folder to play.

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