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Uploaded by: Chief86

The Wool Pallet Collector collects the full wool pallets from the default wool collector and moves it so that it is free for the next pallet without the need to constantly go and and remove the pallet when it is full.

Live Ticker is included. The Live Ticker will notify you when your Pallet Collector is full so you can start removing the wool pallets to make room for the collector to start collecting more wool.

This collector must be installed with GE. You can install with GE (5.0.1) without the need for beta patch 2.0.

If you install with GE (5.0.3) the beta patch is required.

Its size is due to a modular design. You decide for yourself how big or small you want to build it.

An illustrated instructions manual is included.

The problem with the automatic load of the pallets with the Transport professionals pack is now fixed. The pallets can now be loaded directly.

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English translation with permission: Chief86


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