John Deere 864 Premium v1.1
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Created By BJR Modding

Uploaded by: JoXXer

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John Deere 864 Premium v1.1

For the highest return on investment, invest in a new John Deere Premium Variable Chamber baler. This model is equipped with a 2.2 m MaxiCut pick-up with a fine-chop 25 knife pre-cutter. You’ll appreciate the pick-up roller compressor, automatic chain lubrication function, cleaning auger and CoverEdge™ net wrapping system. And thanks to the larger diameter tensioning cylinders and tension arms, it can produce up to 15 percent higher density bales of straw, hay or silage – with diameters ranging between 0.9 and 1.80 m in size.

For the perfect swaths, prepare them with the ELHO Master 220 before baling!

Requires Patch 2.0 which can be found here:
Farming Simulator Website


  • Fixed spelling error in bales-i3d - Bales should no longer turn up as straw in the mixer unless they are in fact straw bales

  • Tweaked support-animation

  • Should now be compatible with CoursePlay

  • Fixed issue where baler would not attach to certain vehicles

  • Fixed issue where some help-texts would be displayed for both client and host


  • RealLights - You'll need, it's on the Internets

  • Variable Chamber - Create bales in sizes between 0.9 to 1.8m in diameter!

  • Manual netting - Can't fill the baler up but want it emptied? Net the bale manually!

  • CoverEdge net - If the baler runs out of net, buy more at the store to refill it

  • Opening side panels and rear CoverEdge door

  • Manual support and attachable PTO

  • Autoleveling pickup

  • Particle systems for pickup and generic "dust"

  • Adjustable drawbar - Is the tractors attacher a bit off? Adjust the drawbar to compensate!

  • BaleTrak Plus monitor - If your tractor features IC with ControlPanelAttacher like these, the monitor will appear in the cab when attached

  • Blockage with drop floor unplugging - The pickup might become blocked, depending on speed and swath density

  • Animated fill-level indicator, as well as multiple other parts

  • Washable - BJR-Edition


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3D Model: JoXXer, a new model based on Freddys 864 from FS11
Texture: JoXXer and AzoaX
Ingaming: JoXXer
Sounds: GIANTS
German translation: fruktor

BJR_AttachablePTO, BJR_BaleTrakPanel, BJR_CoverEdge, BJR_CoverEdgePallet, JohnDeere864Premium:  JoXXer
BJR_Washable: Face with modifications by JoXXer
RealLights, PickupChoke: fruktor
VariableChamberBaler: GIANTS and JoXXer

Special thanks to the BJR-Modding test team:
EddieVegas, Marxtai, Dave_Boughen, Hitperson, theSeb, Wiliam, snapper, 07lthorne, Rustydog, Connor-tindall, Jd boy 635, Napalm, Oliwrighty, Russ and Superbrian91.
Without these people this mod be nowhere near the quality it's at.

Another special thanks goes out to Discoade, for being super helpful during the testing-process on FS-UK.


Gold Standard ?
This mod is Gold standard. It has been tested by the FS-UK team, and it has passed our strictest tests. It's highly unlikely that this mod will have any problems, but if you do discover a problem we urge you to post the details in the Support Topic so we can re-test the mod.
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