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Created By Mike Modding

Uploaded by: Mike30

Hello everyone,

Here is for all of you the Netherlands special 2014 map.
This is my last map for farming simulator 2013, en i will continue for farming simulator 15.
This map is based on the Netherlands from pictures found on google.
This is a new map and not a remake..
There a multiple farms and a contractor so its a good map for multi player.

New in this Version V1.2 Edit,

Added, SoilMod - Soil Management & Growth Control.
Added, ChoppedStraw with SoilMod-Plugin.
Placed Fertilizer and Herbicide tanks at the Countrytrade.

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Extra information;

You need the transport the milk by yourself to the country trade.
You can load fertilizer and Lime at the country trade.
You can sell straw/hay and bales at the country trade.
You can buy seeds at the country trade.
You can sell al the crops at the country trade.
The manure and liquid manure are filled up to 2000 Tons.


Wheat, Barely, Canola, Mais, Potatoes, Sugar beets,

The crops will not die!

What can you find in the map;

2 Cow farms
Sheep farm
Vehicle shop
Country trade
Crop storage
Potatoes farm
Sugar beet farm

Extra Mods,

Mapdoortrigger (
MapHoseRefStation (
GarantWater (
Pig transport (
SoilMod ( + PDAMod (Http://
Chopped Straw Mod (

I would like to thank al the modders for using their objects, buildings, textures..
I hope i do not forget someone in my credits, if i forgot you i am sorry but thanks that i can use it

Map by: Mike, Richard, ReFFarmer, Marhu, EJBFarmingBV - Showgunn84 - Desperados93, Tobi89 aka Spl3do, Max311, IceBlade, 844Powr™, Deifel GBR, Wildfuchs
Team um Bauer Jens 1 (Licht) John Deere 6930, Germany Community Group
martinbigM500 - Script: GE-Mapping, Marhu – Scripts, HatzFan - Einbau -Kolbenfresser- - 3D Objekte, Eifok: MapHoseRefStation, Strasse: Fatian.
Potato Cistern: Renting Modding.


Gold Standard ?
This mod is Gold standard. It has been tested by the FS-UK team, and it has passed our strictest tests. It's highly unlikely that this mod will have any problems, but if you do discover a problem we urge you to post the details in the Support Topic so we can re-test the mod.
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Download this mod directly from Place the .ZIP file in your mods folder to play.

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