AW Trailer UBT Auto Loading
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Uploaded by: Mike3650


AW Trailer UBT Auto Loading

The AWTrailer is perfect to move all sizes and types of bales / pallets.

Model Specs:

  • Washable

  • UBT Auto Loading

  • New Lights ( including light shapes)

  • Full normal spec and diffuse maps

  • Dynamically loaded wheels with tire tracks

  • Color Chooser

Trailer Holds:

  • 30 Round Bales

  • 27 Square Bales

  • 12 Wool pallets

  • 12 Seedling/Tree Pallets

  • 8 Wood Pallets From Marhu's Sawmill

Massive Thanks to Ifko[Nator] the author of UBT script


Ifko[Nator] the author of UBT script


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