Amazone Profihopper w/ Detachable Deck
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Uploaded by: JDMFARMS

The Amazone Profihopper was brought forward from FS13 and upgraded with new features.

- Mower converted to tractor
- Added new tires and lights
- Mower deck removed and converted into attachable mower
- The mower drops windrows
- Future versions may be released with additional mower deck options
- Mower deck life span is half of what the mower tractor is

No errors or warnings in the game log. There is a small twitch in the attacher joints when you first load the game with it attached to the rider; overcome by detaching and reattaching. Also, the mower hopper was deactivated and will not collect the grass; will need a wagon to collect grass.

Release: This mod comes with a release to mod further. My only request is you keep the version number convention similar to



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