Frithgar's Sosnovka Let's Play Final Save Game
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Uploaded by: Frithgar

Hey folks, here is the save game file from the end of our Sosnovka series as promised!

To use this, you'll need to download the zip file, then unpack it. Take the savegame2 file after you've extracted it and place it into the FarmingSimulator2017 file, not the mods folder. This is NOT a mod, it's a savegame, so it won't work if you put it into the mods folder. If you already have a map in progress in slot 2, be sure to delete the 2 at the end of this file name and replace it with a number of your choice so that you can see it in game.

I have removed all non modhub mods from the save file, you'll need to go to modhub and install the following mods to be able to use everything in this savegame

Fliegl Flatbed Autoload

Krampe Dolly 20L

ITRunner Pack

Kirovets K-700A

Lely Juno 150

Deutz-Fahr CondiMaster 8331


And finally the Belarus MTZ-1025, however I'm not able to find this one on the modhub so it may have been removed. You'll get a warning when you start the save game to say you don't have it, but it won't affect the map to continue without it.

Have fun, I hope you enjoy the save and hopefully we'll see you soon in Watea Valley!

The video included is the final episode of the series if you're wondering where anything is or how we've left things, I went round everything we owned to show you all what's what.



The entire modding community, thank you so much for all the hard work you all put in so that we can enjoy these wonderful mods!


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