Welcome to the test report area. Below you can find previous reports of mods that have passed or failed our test routine. The idea behind making these public is so future modders and uploaders can make sure they don't make the same mistakes. Please note, you are not able to download a mod which has failed testing.

Since Farming Simulator 2013 was launched, we have implemented a thorough test routine to ensure any mods which are uploaded to our website are all above a certain standard to ensure they are playable and enjoyable. This system is intended to stop buggy and unplayable mods from being distributed to the mainstream, and essentially to raise gameplay standards. We've seen a huge rise in the standard of uploaded material, and we're confident that our system is helping modders to learn and grow.

You can find our upload rules here and our test criteria here. Happy Modding!

Recent Test Reports

Mod Name Result Tester
LillyVale Farm Many problems ccs101
Selby Farm EstatesV3 Final Version Some problems ccs101
Santo Vale Many problems ccs101
Santo Vale Many problems ccs101
LillyVale Farm Many problems BulletBill83
Oliver 1955 V2 Some problems ccs101
Frithgar's Sosnovka Let's Play Final Save Game Some problems Patrick
Selby Farm EstatesV2 Some problems ccs101
tracror Many problems rh
Trailtech V2 Many problems Patrick
Frithgar's Sosnovka Let's Play Final Save Game Many problems Patrick
Case Puma CVX version 1 Many problems Patrick
Abbey Slurry Tanker FS17 Many problems Patrick
Ballydorn Farm Many problems Patrick
JCB TM320s - Black Edition Many problems Chocolatecake2001
FS17 Blickling V2 Some problems Mrfoodtester
Selby Farm Estates Some problems ccs101
Super baler Many problems Patrick
BMM | 250K Trailer. [BETA] Many problems Patrick
Jan's Map Many problems aston
Selby Farm Estates Many problems aston
Amazone ZAM1501 Pack No problems ccs101
Dowdeswell 125MA Some problems Mrfoodtester
Germantown (V1.1.0) No problems ccs101
Black Mountain Montana No problems ccs101
A Helmer Liebherr L 538 No problems Chocolatecake2001
Germantown (V1.1.0) Some problems ccs101
FS17 Blickling No problems Mrfoodtester
BGA Hopper 17 No problems Willbobber
2016 Ford F-350 Rollback bed Some problems ccs101
Germantown (V1.0.0) Some problems ccs101
FS17 All Seeds Service Pickup v2.0 No problems gnevill
Agrifac Condor pack Some problems gnevill
Amazone Pantera pack v1.1 Some problems gnevill
Knight 2050 Vista pack v1.1 Some problems -Wille-
Agrifac Condor pack V1.1 Many problems gnevill
Amazone Pantera pack No problems ccs101
Knight 2050 Vista pack Some problems ccs101
Agrifac Condor pack Many problems ccs101
Chopped Straw - Direct Seeding Addon v1.1.0.0 No problems ccs101
T7ScottishFlagPack Many problems Willbobber
Oliver 1955 Pack V2 Some problems Chocolatecake2001
Wilson Ranch Hand Some problems Mrfoodtester
Chopped Straw - Direct Seeding Addon Some problems ccs101
VG PDA 17 No problems Willbobber
Ambient Soundset for Coldborough Park Farm No problems Willbobber
FS17 Newbie Farm V2 No problems jgregg624
Hubbard Ver 3.1 Many problems Mrfoodtester
Oliver 1955s Some problems Chocolatecake2001
Quicke Frontloader Many problems Chocolatecake2001
Simple Railroad Crossing No problems WillBrown
Hubbard V3.0 Many problems ccs101
GreenRiver 2017 V2 No problems Chocolatecake2001
GreenRiver 2017 V2 Many problems Chocolatecake2001
Massey Ferguson 5600 with Frontloader No problems ccs101
Quicke Frontloader Some problems Mrfoodtester
DM&E Train Skin Addon No problems ccs101
Bulk Silo No problems ccs101
Newbie Farm V1 No problems Chocolatecake2001
GCV Old Guy Farms Edit Many problems WillBrown
FS17 Newbie Farm V1 Many problems Chocolatecake2001
Tool Shed Repaint ver2.0 No problems WillBrown
Bulk Silo Some problems ccs101
FS17 HorschMaestro12SW V1 No problems ThyR00tBeer
Global Market Many problems Mrfoodtester
AmazoneCondor 15001 Some problems Patrick
Quicke Frontloader Many problems Chocolatecake2001
Thyholm Many problems ccs101
Sosnovka NOT V3 No problems ccs101
Bulk Silo Some problems ccs101
Higher Hills 2017 Ver 2.0 No problems ccs101
Case IH Dealership No problems ccs101
Perkiomen Valley Some problems ccs101
Tool Shed Repaint No problems ccs101
Stubble Cultivator FS17 v1.2 (MP compatible) No problems ccs101
1974 Dodge Monaco Some problems ccs101
Tool Shed Some problems ccs101
Small Maple Tree No problems ccs101
Joskin Aqua Trans 3500 S Many problems Patrick
john deere 6r seris Many problems ccs101
TomsGoldcrestValleyMapandMods Many problems ccs101
Weight with a 3pt-attacher Many problems Patrick
Pig Feed Pallet Capacity increase 9000Litres Many problems Patrick
SHEEP RACE KIT. MAP OBJECTS. No problems ccs101
Redrock 2250 Slurry Tank Many problems rh
Global Market Many problems Patrick
Higher Hills 2017 Some problems ccs101
Oliver 1955s Some problems ccs101
1947 Dodge Monco Many problems ccs101
Fendt Vario 700 No problems ccs101
Farm Sheds pack No problems ccs101
Farm Sheds pack Some problems ccs101
Twinstar 435 single axle truck No problems Patrick
Valtra N Series V1.1 Some problems Patrick
Hardi Commander 4500 No problems ccs101
Grass with cutgrass texture No problems Benw11
Thyholm Many problems Patrick
Seed & Fertiliser Refill Trailer No problems ccs101
Barley fillplane texture No problems ccs101
Fendt 9490X with baler attacher No problems Patrick
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